Friday, December 2, 2011


Okay, so who knows what periodization is? Despite the fact that I have been involved in competitive athletics for nearly two decades, I have only recently become familiar with periodization and its benefits. Over the course of the last three months, I have implemented periodization into my training regimen. And let me tell you: it was the missing link. If you are a serious athlete that strives to excel in competition, then you must consider the importance of periodization.

I have been following CrossFit methodology for nearly six years. For the most part, I have adhered to the "3-on-1-off" microcycle. As I mentioned earlier, periodization is quite new to me, so I never really considered a mesocycle, let alone a macrocycle! However, now I see the importance of really dialing in on what I am doing, how often I am doing it, and when I need to stop doing it for awhile.

Here is a snapshot of how I've adapted my training:

-Every two microcycles (~7-10 days) I take two days of complete rest. Maybe one of those two days, I will get on the C2 Rower for five minutes or so, followed by about 10-20 minutes of stretching/mobility.

-Approximately every 60 days, I will take three days of rest. During these three days, I will make a point to get out and go for a bicycle ride, take the dog for a long walk, or just chill.

- Approximately every 90 days, I will take up to five days of rest. During these five days, again, I may hop on the rower for a few minutes and work on my stretching/mobility. Perhaps the next day I'll go for a hike. The bottom line: I stay active, but I do not train!

Long story short: so far, so good. Periodization not only prepares you for your next competition, but it also helps to prevent you from "burning out" with your training. "Bonking" on a WOD is never a good happens to us all. However, with periodization and discipline, I strongly believe that you will make more gains in the long run. Getting better at CrossFit is a process--it does not render instant gratification, nor does it reward over-reaching or over-training. Take a few days now and again; it will do your body (and your mind) good.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad...

When I press F5...when I right-click and hit "reload"...I realize that my fate has already been sealed. You may be asking, "what the heck is he talking about?!" Well, if you are half as obsessed with the WOD as I am, then you will be able to empathize.

What I mean to say is: I get anxious because I am waiting to overcome the next "unknown and unknowable" obstacle. Whether it is the CrossFit main site WOD, or another affiliate's WOD, I know that the challenge will be "constantly varied, functional movement, executed at high intensity" (quoted by Greg Glassman). But, still, I have no real idea what the workout is going to be! That messes with my mind.

On one particular day, I decided to go with CrossFit Blacksburg's WOD. I opened my browser, navigated to my favorites, and clicked on the appropriate link. In the milliseconds that it took to arrive at the requested website, my heart leaped and skipped a couple of beats. Why? Because I was anxious...I was nervous...I was waiting to overcome the next CrossFit obstacle. I scrolled down the page to see what the WOD was going to be. My reaction, and in the words of Meatloaf, "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad". Here's what it was:

Three rounds, 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off:
Perform as many rounds and reps, each round, as possible of:
3 Box jumps, 34"
3 Push Presses, 155lbs
3 Muscle-ups

My score: 113 reps