Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mind over Matter?

If you do not subscribe to the CrossFit Journal, well, then you should. Today, I watched the CrossFit Journal video, "What It Takes to Be a Leader: Part 1" featuring the Original Firebreather, Greg Amundson. Greg A. is an excellent speaker. His passion for fitness is obvious; however, his passion extends much further than fitness. It transcends into real life issues and challenges.

In the video segment (and I encourage you to subscribe), he explains how he first prepares his mind for whatever obstacles are is in his way. After that, he prepares his body, and then he prepares for the actual task at hand.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Never Lose Sight

This blog's vision extends much further than my own training. Yes, it all started with the motivation of how my own training "never stops"; however, now I see it for what it really is: the training [of others] never stops.

This just came to me today actually. I was replying to an e-mail from one of my closest buddies, Chris. I was airing my grievances to him...mainly in the form of "why I can't live the CrossFit life that I truly want". In the midst of my own training, it dawned on me: I am not so concerned about how I am progressing in my own CrossFit journey (don't get me wrong, I still take it VERY seriously, just ask my wife); however, I am more concerned about how I am going to help other people reach their fitness goals. There is a big speed bump right now though--I have another responsibility to maintain, and that's alright, because I take pride in that responsibility. However, come the end of the year, my obligation to that responsibility will become significantly less intense and I will be able to focus on how I REALLY want to help change peoples lives...for the better.

Bottom line: I never lose sight. I never lose sight of the "why of it all"--the true reason of why I want to pursue a life of improving people's quality of life...their fitness...their happiness. Some day soon I will finally be able to apply my greatest strengths to the absolute reason they were meant to be shared.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is The Training Enough?

Since I made the decision to compete in the CrossFit Games Sectionals, I have been thinking: is the training enough? In other words: has my training regimen been sufficient to get me past the sectionals and on to the regionals? Let me be honest...I don't know. I feel good. I feel like I have been making progress...increasing my capacity. But have I gotten stronger?

It may be a mistake to compare my current conditioning against my state of conditioning prior to the 2009 CrossFit Games. However, is that  not what we do as CrossFitters? Constantly tracking our times, loads lifted...progress. On the flip-side though, my training has evolved slightly from my previous regimen. I have gotten away from linear strength training; whatever comes up on the CrossFit main site (with regard to strength training) is what I do. And trust me, it is not out of laziness that I do not add a strength component to my training. I found, that in the past, the added strength workouts significantly impacted my "main site programming". Perhaps I overdid it...perhaps I just did not program the strength work appropriately. Whatever the case was, I found that I was becoming burnt out--I neglected much need rest and recovery.

Now, I stick to the 3-on-1 off schedule, sometimes even throwing in a 2-on-1 off cycle if my body needs it. I do not have elaborate visions of making it to the 2011 CrossFit Games in California. Sure, the $250,000 would be nice...well, it would be MORE than nice. However, my goal is to make it to the regionals. Anything after that is just the blessing of a wonderful opportunity, a little bit of luck, and a lot of fun!